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Hi Beauties!  Do you eat, sleep, drink and breathe makeup?   Do you spend lots of time learning to perfectly blend your eyeshadows and experiment with various contouring techniques?  Would you like to make money doing this as well?  We've got the perfect opportunity for you!

Overview of the Beauty Council

The Oh My, Lash!® Beauty Council (OMLBC) is a group of trusted individuals helping to advance the cause of Lashing the world and spreading the word about Oh My Lash! products. 

Here are a few things included with membership in the Oh My, Lash!® Beauty Council.

  • Supportive OMLBC Community - We are building a supportive community of makeup enthusiasts who help each other grow in their makeup skills and begin to make their passion an actual & viable profession.  We are in this together! Think of this aspect as an integrated but powerful form of networking where you share skills, tips, tricks, ideas and connect with other beauty bloggers.
  • OMLBC Inside Scoop - As a part of the Oh My, Lash!® Beauty council you will be privileged with the inside scoop on new products we are bringing to the makeup community and as a member of this trusted group of individuals your feedback is expected and appreciated.
  • Beauty Blogger Product Support - Being accepted into our Beauty Council means opportunity for you as a beauty blogger to grow your follower base through complementary products sent to you from Oh My, Lash!®  for review on your beauty blog & benefit form official Oh My, Lash!® Giveaways!  It really is a mutually beneficial relationship,  we provide you with amazing products,  and you provide us with awesome product reviews!  Fill out the OMLBC Member Application!
  • Official Oh My, Lash!® Affiliateship - This part of the Beauty Council program is simple.  You refer a potential buyers of our products through your own personalized affiliate link and when they buy (via your link) you get paid a commission on the sale!  Fill out the OMLBC Affiliate Application!

To Apply to be a part of the Oh My, Lash!® Beauty Council!

  1. Complete the OMLBC Member Application
  2. Complete the OMLBC Affiliate Application
  4. Request entrance to The Oh My, Lash!® Beauty Council Facebook Group

As a member of the Beauty Council you agree to abide by all three of the council's documents:

Once you have understood the above information & completed the application process, search for "Oh My, Lash!® Beauty Council" on Facebook or click here to request to join the group.  

What Happens When I'm Accepted?

Once inducted as an Oh My, Lash Beauty Council Member you will be:

  1. Added to the private Facebook Group
  2. Added as an affiliate & sent a welcome email
  3. Informed of how you will be supplied products for review once in the group.
  4. Expected to introduce yourself and participate in the community.

What Happens If I Did Not Get Accepted?

Conversely, we will notify you via email in the case that we choose not to add you to the Beauty Council.  We are adding members slowly so if you are not added at this moment there is always the possibility that we will have the ability to add you in the future so don't be discouraged if you are not added in this round.

We look forward to building a fruitful relationship with each of you & the entire makeup community.


Thanks XoXo,

The Oh My, Lash! Team