Can I apply mascara onto my false lashes?

We do not recommend applying mascara to your mink lashes. This can ruin the quality of the fur and can limit the number of uses. The reason we do not suggest applying any products on the mink is that they may contain oil that can ruin the shine and quality of the fur. Applying mascara to your natural lashes BEFORE using your Oh my, lash mink falsies is okay.

Will the false eyelashes harm my own lashes?

No. Falsies will not harm your lashes. What many do not know is that they will actually allow them to become healthier.

How, you ask?

  • When correctly using proper tools/adhesive.
  • When using less mascara on your natural lashes.
  • When they are removed safely and gently then your lashes will be fine.

How do I measure and trim my falsies?

Before you do anything, remove one falsie carefully, apply it (as is) on top of your natural lash so that it fits the length of your natural lash line. Then trim from the outer end of the lash and not the inner! It is a very common mistake to trim from the inner rather than outer. We usually recommend cutting just short of the natural length of the eye as this will provide an easier application and will prevent the band from poking the inner corner of your eyes (which if not done properly will irritate and make your eye tear up).

What if I have never applied falsies before?

It’s okay to be a little scared, but we are here to make sure the struggle subsides. Because mink lashes run at a higher price, we do recommend practicing on a less expensive pair of lashes, having this alternative will prepare you for the wonderful world of Oh my, lash mink falsies. You are more than welcome to read down below on “How should I apply my falsies?” Practice and patience makes perfect!

How should I apply my falsies?

When it comes down to it, it’s all up to preference. For beginners we recommend checking out step-by-step instructions for tips and tricks on how to apply your falsies. Once you get the hand of it, you could use tweezers, your fingers, even a bobby pin (insane, I know). You should use any tool that allows you full control because you must get the lashes as close to the lash line as possible. The easiest way for us is to apply the falsies with tweezers first, then position the falsies with our fingers, this way we can ensure that they are on and will not go anywhere throughout the day.

How do I remove my falsies?

We know removing your falsies might take a few minutes, but whatever you do, DO NOT yank them off. In order to remove your falsies, you must remove one at a time. Follow our steps:

  1. In a firm and secure manner hold the lash at the base
  2. You must now gently pull on the outer corner towards the direction of your tear duct.
  3. Repeat this process with the other eye.

If your falsies are putting up a fight, you may apply non-oil based makeup remover onto the lash adhesive along your lash line with a cotton swab. After the adhesive has fully softened, repeat the first step.