Direct linking a.k.a. URL hijacking.

Direct linking to Oh My Lash website when in the same marketplace is prohibited. Links in ads from affiliates should point to their landing pages, not the Oh My Lash Website. This will prevent Affiliate ad placement competition with Oh MY Lash ad placement and ad serving frequency. The exception to this is if you as an affiliate are advertising in a different place then Oh My Lash.

Domain registration.

All Affiliates are prohibited from registering domains that contain the Oh My Lash brand name and or typos of the Oh MY Lash brand.

Link cloaking.
All link cloaking done through an unauthorized methods or for the purpose of evading Oh My Lash is Prohibited

Compliance with search engine rules.

All Oh My Lash affiliates are required to follow the editorial guidelines of each search engine. For example, the landing page must match the display URL, and no redirects or jump pages that immediately redirect to your website.

Evasion is Prohibited.

All Oh My Lash affiliates are prohibited from using evasion tactics to hide the affiliate link when the visits are from either you or from search engine editorial bots checking on paid ads.

Violation of laws, rules and regulations.

All Oh My Lash affiliates performing email marketing, are required to comply with the “can spam” act. All Oh My Lash affiliates who operate editorial publications must also comply with new rules from the FTC when they are endorsing or recommending Oh My Lash products which require disclosure that the website is a compensated affiliate.

Prohibited Ad copy and landing page copy.

• Use of Oh My Lash brand in ad copy text or in the display URL if you are prohibiting brand use False advertising or any claim that shows you or your competitors in a false or misleading light
• Promoting old invalid offers that have expired
• Using certain words such as “official” or “free”
• Copying Oh My Lash landing pages. Affiliates must have their own unique landing pages.

Press releases.

All Oh My Lash affiliates are prohibited from using the Oh My Lash brand for press releases.

Fraudulent commissions.

All Oh My Lash affiliates are prohibited from fraudulent activities like cookie stuffing, link interception and falsifying orders.