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If you have followed Oh My, Lash!® for anytime on our social media channels then I am sure you've heard about the Oh My, Lash!® Beauty Council (#OMLBC).  Many have inquired about the opportunity of being on the Beauty Council but may not fully grasp what the Beauty Council is about.  

Status of Accepting New Beauty Ambassadors

We originally intended to open the Beauty Council for new ambassadors in mid-May but realized that there are some of you out there who may not be quite prepared.  Part of the reason we are writing this post is to give you & ourselves a bit more time to prepare.  When we do re-open acceptance of New Ambassadors (e.t.a. late June - early July) we hope that you will be ready to hit the ground running.

The Purpose of This Post

This post is to help those of you (who want to be a part of this group) fully understand what is involved.  After reading this post our hope is that you can make a more objective decision about the program.  

The Beauty Council is NOT for everyone.  

This post is also intended to help those of you who are wanting to be a part of the beauty council prepare yourself & give you proper expectations. 

What the OMLBC is NOT

  • The OMLBC is NOT an affiliate program (alone) - You read this correctly,  the OMLBC is not an affiliate program. It is much more.  The OMLBC is actually a mutually beneficial partnership between beauty bloggers who want to make money through their beauty blogging skills while partnering with Oh My, Lash! & other members of the Beauty Council.
  • The OMLBC is NOT a free Lash Program - This may ruin a lot of girl's expectations but we do not provide free lashes in the OMLBC program. We give you the possibility of a full rebate on products purchased with qualifying high quality content that has been created from your end. It is possible for you to only have to pay for the shipping & handling of the products sent to you. 
  • The OMLBC is NOT fast cash - Yes, the OMLBC is an affiliate program with a great commission but your earnings depend on you & your ability to execute in many important areas which include but are not limited to: your understanding of the web, your level of influence within your social media circles, your ability to build a presence on the web and produce high quality content on a regular basis.
  • The OMLBC is NOT a pass to INSTAfame - We guarantee that you will get facetime on our Instagram account when requirements for posting your photos are met but we won't guarantee that you will get an immediate pass to Instafame.

What the OMLBC IS

  • The OMLBC is a team - If you work well with a team then the Beauty Council is for you.  We  are building an atmosphere in the Beauty Council of collaboration.  The saying, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." describes the mindset of what the Beauty Council is about.  We want to go further.
  • The OMLBC is a collaborative partnership - Through this team you are partnering with Oh My, Lash! & other OMLBC members to build your Beauty Blogging business.  Partnership means that we both bring something to the table that will benefit the other and result in a win - win situation.
  • The OMLBC is a business opportunity - Simply put, the OMLBC is not an obligation or a job.  You do not become our employee but we have the expectation that every Beauty Ambassador comes to us with the understanding of a self-motivated Business Owner who takes initiative to build their own business.
  • The OMLBC is a supportive sharing community - We make it a priority to support each other in our goals and are able to work through differences as mature adults and bond together as a team to help each other succeed.  We also share our knowledge and anything helpful with one another to increase each other's success.

What will increase my chances of being selected?

  • Love The Oh My, Lash!® Brand - If you've been a follower and customer of Oh My, Lash! for some time and we recognize you this will increase your chances, however this is only one of several factors.
  • You Are An Active & Serious Beauty Blogger - If you are an active beauty blogger who is building your presence on the internet and you are serious about Beauty Blogging, building an online following & producing regular content for your followers.
  • Have Your Own Website - This is a non - negotiable. Every Ambassador of the Beauty Council must, like any serious business owner, have their own website. This means having your own .com or other top level domain name for your website (you can get these for $0.99 cents for the first year at GoDaddy). 
  • Understand & Agree to the Commitments - There are commitments that you are required to keep as an ambassador of the beauty council during the application process you must read through & be conscious of each of these commitments. Knowing these commitments and agreeing to them before you are selected for the Beauty Council will only work in your favor.
  • Have time to commit to the OMLBC - At this point you should realize that the Beauty Council is a commitment that will require an investment of your time to build your beauty blog, your online following & work as a partner together with Oh My, Lash! to grow your beauty business.  We expect you to be a person who not only takes but adds value to the program and the members of the program.
  • Be willing to begin all of the above - Some of you are already doing all of the above things and are ready to jump in full force but some of you may read this and see places where you are lacking. If you are willing to begin to do these things it will increase your possibility of becoming part of the Beauty Council & if nothing else it will help your professional beauty blog.  Here at Oh My, Lash! we see Beauty Blogging as more than a hobby.  This program is definitely not for those who do makeup and blogging as a hobby. Start Now!