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 The Super Beauties

When Beauty, Strength & Fierceness of superhuman proportions collide a mysterious force that cannot be controlled by any living being is released.  This force is what we refer to as Super Beauty.  Down through history this force can be traced to the rise and fall of kingdoms and now we are bringing this unstoppable force to you.  Soon we will be releasing a new collection of lashes that are infused with the essence of this Super Beauty force.  These lashes are completely unique in their makeup and cannot be found anywhere in the known world:  They are triple stacked, custom designed & 100% cruelty-free!

The patterns that the lashes are made up of are all very bold and range from cross fanned to curly.  One view of the lashes brings about the realization of why there is not a more fitting description of them than SUPER!

The Super Beauties Includes a total of six (6) triple stacked lashes that are named descriptively after the one who inspired the lash. Can you guess who's who?

We hope you enjoy the Super Beauties Collection as much as we have enjoyed making them and bringing them to you.

Here is a preview video of the super beauties lashes.


Super Beauties Makeup Collaboration

Please Keep your eyes peeled for the Super Beauties Collaboration coming soon by the members of the Oh My, Lash! Beauty Council.