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As a beauty blogger you have the opportunity to share your experience, your talent and make a viable living. Blogging can be a lucrative business.  But what does it really take for you to get started as beauty blogger?  What are the most important aspects?  You've got the makeup chops and you have plenty of equipment but how do you begin to actually get out there and get noticed?

Don't be fooled by the social media madness that you need to get a HUGE following or have the perfect face to have success.  Those who are doing well as Beauty Bloggers do not necessarily need to be the most beautiful but they do need to know how the web works.

There are fast options out there to help you get started but what is your long term goal?  What are the benefits of taking on path over the other? Here are a three quick points to get you started and moving in the right direction of growing your beauty blog 

  1. Own A Website - Many Beauty Bloggers underestimate the need of a website for long term success.  I guarantee you that there is not one true blogger out there who is "killing it" as a beauty blogger that does not have a website.   The reason many are beginning their beauty blogs and getting their own website is because there is true profit to be gained from doing what they love!
  2. Create Great Content - If you are not consistently releasing great content on your new website and giving your visitors something to come back to again and again then you are wasting time and money on your website.   CONTENT is QUEEN on the Internet and the best way to create sustainable growth for your Beauty Blogger Business is to create content that people will want to engage with and share with others
  3. Get Involved In The Community - This may seem self explanatory but behind every user profile who will visit your website is another person with feelings and emotions.  All of those possible visitors to your website (or subscribers) and those who share your same passion for Beauty Blogging are people you should begin to form connections with.  When you start sharing valuable information and ways to help others through your Beauty Blog then people will appreciate your work and this will help you grow as a Beauty Blogger.

But what about my social media accounts?  Why didn't mention those?  Your social media accounts will be an entirely different topic & article.  A preview:  your social media accounts should NEVER replace your actual website.  We will get into the why of that in more detail in a future article.   Stay tuned!